July 25, 2020
League of Legends

The abilities of Yone, League of Legends’ newest Champion

The reveal of the new League of Legends champion Yone has been teased by Riot Games for a very long time, but we finally know a little bit more about him. Let’s take a look at the kit of Yasuo’s brother and how he’s set to cut up his competition.

It should be no surprise that Yone’s kit is very reminiscent of that of Yasuo, using his blades to fight. His passive, called ‘Way of the Hunter’, enables Yone to deal more magic damage with every second attack. He also gains double the critical strike chance at the cost of his critical strikes doing reduced damage.

His Q is called ‘Mortal Steel’ and sees Yone thrusting his swords forward, gathering stacks with each hit. When he has accumulated two stacks, Yone will be able to dash and make enemies airborne while doing so. His W, ‘Spirit Cleave’, is a broad strike with his swords, covering a larger area in an arc. If Yone is able to hit an enemy, he’ll temporarily gain a shield which grows stronger with each champion he hit.

With his E called ‘Soul Unbound, Yone can enter Spirit Form, which sees him escaping his body while jerking it backwards and gaining movement speed. When Spirit Form is over, he’ll return to his body and once again deal damage based on the damage he did while in his Spirit Form. Yone’s ultimate is ‘Fate Sealed’, which sees him rushing forwards while blinking behind the last enemy he hit, making his enemies airborne.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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