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The 5 worst skins in League of Legends

Riot games have released some fantastic skins in the past that enhance the game and give you an overall more enjoyable playing experience. Then there are skins that are just a waste of RP.

The criteria for this list were mostly the skin not adding anything extra, the skin itself being uncreative, straight-up lazy or just a color tweak. Certain skins were excluded from this list, namely all the chromas and world skins.

Shamrock Malphite – Not worth the green


Shamrock Malphite was released at a time when Chromas were not a thing. You could consider it a blast from the past with nothing to add. With other skins at least adding something of value, basically nothing is added to this one when it comes to character models or different splash art. Shamrock Malphite is just the regular Malphite who is a little bit greener. The Shamrock idea is great to incorporate Irish culture in a world where it otherwise would not fit but that idea was done so much better with a champion like Veigar. Besides the shamrock icon and the green color, the original meaning of the skin is completely lost.

Black Belt Udyr – This skin exists?

It is never a good sign if your vanilla skin is almost 95% similar and looks even better. The fact that when Udyr’s base model was updated, this particular skin was left alone makes it feel even worse. The splash art is outdated and on the catwalk the score Black Belt Udyr gets is as high as the number of polygons his model has in the game. With a name as “Black Belt” you would expect some winks or similarities with actual martial arts where such ranks can be achieved. Putting Udyr in Kimono would have been a better choice.

Rusty Blitzcrank – Not even worth the copper

Technically a skin, Rusty Blitzcrank offers you a skin that gives him a different outlook. Once again, a skin from a long time ago, it’s not something I would recommend buying especially when Blitzcrank features other great skins. If you really cannot stop the urge to buy this cosmetic upgrade, you can always dial up the contrast or character inking in the settings to give you the same effect. Most people, when given a screenshot or even a video from the skin in action, cannot even tell the difference between the skin and the standard look. I would stick to the original model since it at least does not look like a neglected scarecrow left in the garden for too long.

Deadly Kennen – Your first Photoshop lesson

Another skin that was released before the idea of chromas came to life. Deadly Kennen was a lazy attempt at releasing a skin for this champion. The splash art is once again exactly the same and so is the skin. Taking the standard Kennen splash art into Photoshop and putting a red filter over it gives you the same outcome. Some people might argue that his splash art is a nod to the outfit Deadpool uses. Even if that was the idea, Riot missed the mark. Remember that if you must explain a joke, the punchline did not land.

Hired Gun Graves – Never buy, always hire

In the Lore of Runeterra Graves is a gun for hire with the hardware to back it up. So what exactly is the difference this skin brings and the vanilla model? To be 100% fair they did give him sunglasses, I guess? The splash art also does not fit into any quirk Graves either does not already have or adds onto his kit. It is the definition of a reskin. One could argue this was made when Riot was trying to push the cowboy skin line. Even in that line it is by far the worst one. The overall colors are dull and uninteresting and the splash art looks like a mediocre fan-made poster.

There were loads of other skin that could have been put on this list because they might be equally horrible looking. These five tops it all off with a lack of perspective and freshness.
Do remember that during the release of these Riot games had an uncertain future ahead of them and attention had to be directed towards other endeavors.

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