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The 5 most played ADC champions in League of Legends right now

The ADC (or marksman) is a popular role in the game. However, which champions are picked and played the most? Let’s take a look.

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When looking at statistics for usage rates, we’re looking at stats from the entire population of players, in the current patch (11.18).

5. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is one of these ADC who can be extremely oppressive in lane. She’s got great range paired with big damage, which can catch players off guard, especially if she’s paired with a support who can lock down enemies. The Caitlyn-Morgana combo has become notorious in solo queue.

4. Ashe

In fourth place we’ve got Ashe, who for many players is the first introduction to the ADC role. She’s easy to pick up yet hard to master and is great at learning newer players how to position during teamfights, especially as she’s not good at escaping. Her ultimate also provides a strong stun if you can hit it.

3. Miss Fortune

Let’s face it, Miss Fortune is just an attractive champion to play. She can build different styles, she’s great at poking, has great scaling and there’s a gazillion skins available for her. The popularity of the champion isn’t that big of a surprise, really.

2. Jhin

Jhin has some interesting mechanics with his four shots, which gives especially newer players a great practice tool at more intricate mechanics. Veteran players will find a champion with great kill potential (in lane) with Jhin, which can make him all the more attractive in the right matchup.

1. Ezreal

There’s no doubt about why Ezreal is the most played ADC in the game right now. His skillshot-heavy kit gives him a lot of potential for outplays and skill expression, which is what the majority of players are trying to achieve (we’re not talking about their success rate here).

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Image Credit: Riot Games