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The 5 best supports to climb in Season 12

It usually comes down to which patch you are playing on, but there are a lot of viable support options to go with right now.

Even though engaging and tanky supports were the way to go for many patches, there has been a shake-up that leaves some more room for enchanters and more diverse picks overall. Let us take a look at the five most promising supports to climb the ladder. As strong as Leona and Nautilus are, we are looking deeper into the pool of champions to offer some more unique champion choices.


There is no denying the strength that a good Blitzcrank player brings to the game. Especially in a meta where enchanter supports are more often picked. This champion has one of the most game-changing abilities in the form of his rocket grab. This ability can single handedly change the outcome of every teamfight and is especially valuable in the later stages of the game if you control the vision and are able to grab one of the enemy carries or enchanters into your team.

The downside of this all is that besides your hook, your champion is very limited in what he can bring to the table. His silence only lasts for less than a second, your knock-up requires you to go into melee-range and your movement speed ability slows you at the end. So, make sure to play well around your cooldowns and do not hook the enemy frontline into your backline.

Biggest counters: Alistar & Braum


Normally, this champion can get abused a lot when playing in a solo queue. However, if you escape the laning phase relatively unharmed and you make almost no mistakes, you are in a better position than every melee engaging support is. The latter one is prone to making a lot more mistakes while you as the enchanter are only there to buff up one of your carries.

When there comes a moment when you face an assassin, make sure to use your polymorph more aggressively on shutting down an assassin entering a fight instead of using it to buff your carry. Beware that picking this champion is only good when you have a marksman in the botlane that can benefit from it. Refrain from picking Lulu when you have mostly mages on your team with no real marksman.

Biggest counters: Nautilus & Blitzcrank


The same for Lulu goes for Karma but with a slightly stronger laning phase. Karma has a lot of potential for poke in the lane from a relative distance, keeping you safe against a lot of aggressive matchups. Use your poke early on to poke out the enemy support to ensure a laning phase on your terms.

In the late game, you do the same as Lulu, just not directed at one player but more focused on buffing your whole team. You can use your ultimate ability followed by your shield to shield every player of your team and give them not only a shield but all the buffs that can come from your items.

Biggest counters: Leona, Nautilus & Blitzcrank


One of the best supports to influence the whole map is Bard. Whenever you face an enchanter in the botlane or a botlane that lacks hard engage (meaning your carry can stay safe), you should consider picking Bard. You do not pick this champion to win the lane, but to win the game.

You roam whenever you get the opportunity to do so preferably in sync with your jungler. Collect some Meeps to make yourself stronger and you could even be a threat in the later stages of the game.

Biggest counters: Nautilus & Leona


Just like Bard likes to play the map, Pyke does the same. Nevertheless, Pyke has more damage in his abilities and his ultimate is a literal execution of a low-health target. Whenever he does kill someone with his ultimate, he even shares the gold! With “hail of blades” you can be a real menace in the laning phase when landing a hook, but your focus should be on diving underwater and roam over the whole map to have a positive impact on every lane.

Biggest counters: Soraka & engaging supports that can pin him down

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