January 7, 2021
Rainbow Six: Siege

Team Liquid Rainbow Six coach “Mav” suspended following allegations of domestic abuse

The coach of Team Liquid’s Rainbow Six team, Rafael “Mav” Loureiro Freitas, has been suspended following allegations of domestic abuse. Team Liquid released a statement on the situation, while according to Mav everything isn’t exactly as it seems.

According to his former girlfriend, Mav was violent towards her during their relationship, citing screenshots and text messages with examples such as drunkenly pushing her against a wall in a bar. Other users also shared screenshots to back up the allegations. Team Liquid decided to take action against mav, suspending him and starting an investigation.

Team Liquid explains their reasoning behind the suspension in a statement they released to Twitter. “These are extremely concerning and serious allegations. We want to assure the community and those who raised these concerns that we are investigating thoroughly, and all work with Mav has been suspended until we complete our investigation.”

Mav came out and reacted to the current situation, saying everything isn’t as clear cut as it seems. He did however admit he pushed his ex. “Guys, I was wrong to push my ex, you should never push anyone, period. Things aren’t as they are depicted to be but of course I get cancelled and I have to read I’m an abuser when I push her away. Have a good night.”

The Brazilian esports scene has been in an uproar after multiple allegations of sexual assault and abuse in the past days. 

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Image Credit: Team Liquid
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