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Sweden lets go of certain COVID-19 restrictions – Good news for the PGL Stockholm Major

As Sweden lifts a lot of their COVID-19 restrictions, it’s potentially good news for certain events such as the upcoming PGL Stockholm Major.

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Within the lifted restrictions in Sweden, which will come into play starting September 29, we find permission for venues to host large public gatherings. It’s good news for the PGL Stockholm Major which might actually be held in Sweden now, after a lot of debate of potentially moving the event following trouble with local laws surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the changes PGL will be allowed to organize an event which features up to 15.000 fans in attendance, which means good news for the Major and other future events. Sweden aims to return things to normal (somewhat) and as of now, vaccination certificates won’t be required to attend and organize events of this scale. They might be coming in the future however if it’s necessary.

In any case, we’ll be getting an update on the PGL Stockholm Major soon and everyone is fully expecting some positive news. In the past few months everything around the Stockholm Major has been murky, with lots of reports of the event potentially being moved. Now the chances we’re getting it in Sweden anyway are quite a lot higher, meaning we’ll be getting another CS:GO Major in one of the biggest CS:GO countries.

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Image Credit: PGL