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Surprise patch shakes up Warzone meta again

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Over the last couple of months Warzone’s Solos have been plagued by Bertha trucks. Although they only offer enough space for one person, they are extremely well armored and players complain about campers abusing them in the final rings.

Many streamers, like DrDisrespect for example, often complain about those trucks.

The most recent patch for Warzone now fixes that problem. Previously each match would spawn 16 to 20 of those trucks. A number that has now been reduced to just five.

CR-56 Amax still on top

Weapons have also been adjusted in the patch. Although slightly altered the Amax is still the strongest Assault Rifle, the developers only reduced the headshot multiplicator slightly

Cold War’s AUG has been strong over medium distances for quite a while, so that it eventually got nerfed out of the meta. But now the weapons received some buffs again. With the reduced recoil you should be able to hit targets easier. Now the AUG is a viable option over short and medium distances again.

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The FARA 83 is still undergoing a lot of identity issues. To buff the weapon they adjusted the recoil once more, but the developers also increased the spread to make the FARA more inaccurate.

Meanwhile the developers also reworked the LW3 Tundra sniper rifle to make it easier to use its zoom.

Zoom finally reworked

All zooms from Cold War also saw changes. Now their zoom is around the level of the Modern Warfare weapons. Before the current adjustment it was too strong and almost on par with the zoom of the Kar98k.
Die Visiere der Cold War-Waffen wurden ebenfalls überarbeitet. So ist das Level der Vergrößerung nun auf dem gleichen Niveau wie das der Modern Warfare-Waffen. Zuvor war der Zoom ähnlich hoch wie das Scharfschützenvisier der Kar98k.

You can find the full patch notes here.

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Image Credits: Activision