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Updated: steel signed by 100 Thieves VALORANT

Updated: On September 4 100 Thieves annouced the signing of Josh “steel” Nissan to their VALORANT roster. The FPS veteran had only retired from CS:GO a couple of days prior.

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As 100 Thieves have begun the process of rebuilding their VALORANT squad around Nicholas “nitr0” Canella and Spencer “Hiko” Martin their third player is none other than steel.


With plenty of experience and firepower between the three of them the rebuilt roster is already looking very promising for 100 Thieves. steel’s transition marks the latest of the players involved in the iBuyPower scandal of old. VALORANT offers them a fresh start, a chance they are looking to seize in full.

Original article from September 1:
Now it is official. Josh “steel” Nissan has decided to step down from Chaos’ CS:GO roster. The 30-year old just recently led his squad to a strong Top 4 finish at ESL One Cologne 2020.

Steel had long been linked with a potential switch to VALORANT. Ever since his involvement in the iBuyPower matchfixing scandal he had been banned “indefinitely” from Valve events in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although this meant that steel was excluded from the Majors in CS:GO, he continued to play in various teams over the years.

Most recently he has led Chaos as a brand new team into the top 20 of the world rankings.

As VALORANT has offered a fresh start to many of his former teammates in iBuyPower, many had long speculated about his switch. We also talked to steel about this topic in our interview with him:

Chaos.steel: “So  eventually I will have to go to VALORANT.”

He will remain with Chaos as content creator in VALORANT for now, while he takes his time “to figure out what is next for him in his competitive career.” The void left behind by steel in Chaos’ roster will be filled by Edgar “MarKE” Maldonado according to reports by DBLTAP. MarKE last played for eUnited and Ze Pug Godz.

The new lineup will face Team Liquid in their first match on September 1 during Season 12 of ESL Pro League. You can find streams, schedule, brackets and standings for ESL Pro League Season 12 on juked.gg!

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It is still unclear if steel will join a new team in VALORANT or “just” be a streamer in Riot’s FPS. This marks another high profile switch from NA’s CS:GO scene to VALORANT, after Team Liquid’s nitr0 joined 100 Thieves in VALORANT last month.

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Image Credit: Chaos E.C.