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StarLadder shares measures to protect competitive integrity ahead of second CIS RMR event

After a first RMR event fraught with controversy, StarLadder has taken protective measures.

StarLadder confirmed the teams attending the RMR main event, set to begin June 27th and conclude on July 4th. The teams include Gambit, Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro, Team Spirit and Akuma. Teams competing in the closed qualifier will include Entropiq, forZe, Nemiga, and K23. Despite the controversial finish of the first RMR event, the seeding and invitations were based off the team’s current standings in the region.

Akuma’s return to the RMR sparked further controversy ahead of the event. Akuma’s upset wins over Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro brought up concerns over competitive integrity as both allegations of cheating and match fixing accompanied their victories. A vast majority of the attending teams inquired Valve regarding a full investigation into Akuma.

StarLadder consequently responded to the CIS team’s open letter and shared their thoughts and precautions they would be taking ahead of the second RMR event.

Star Ladder has stated that they will not provide data to any third-part with a delay of less than 20 seconds. That a 110 second delay would be set on GOTV. Voice communications for every team would be recorded. Player’s webcams will capture everything on their screen and will simultaneously be recorded. Every match in the tournament will be played on FACEIT, with FACEIT’s anti-cheat software.

These guidelines were made with the open letter written by the CIS teams in mind. The primary goal of StarLadder in formulated this response was to prevent their second RMR event from seeing further controversy.

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