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Sledgehammer announce changes to Vanguard in blog post

With the beta closed, Sledgehammer released some changes before the full release of Vanguard.

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The Call of Duty Vanguard beta has come to an end after two weekends of play-testing. Now, only the full release of the game on November 5th lies ahead. In a blog post earlier today, Vanguard developers, Sledgehammer Games, thanked beta participants for helping fine tune the game before its eventual release.

Sledgehammer reaffirmed that all official feedback from players were received and helped developers throughout the beta immensely in finding and squashing bugs. The developers joking referenced the now infamous ‘murder kitchen’ in Hotel Royal and nerfing ‘dognados.’

On a serious note, Sledgehammer did confirm that they were tackling several major areas before Vanguard’s launch. Issues such as weapons balancing, audio mixing, and visibility were cited as elements the dev team is currently working on. Throughout the beta, players were very vocal about parts of the game they enjoyed or did not. Some called for more changes than others, especially around the notorious Armor Plates’ field upgrade.

Sledgehammer also reminded that the beta was only a ‘sample’ of the full game. In truth, the beta only offered a very select pool of maps and game modes when compared to what has been advertised in the game’s full release. Vanguard’s campaign, Zombies mode, and other multiplayer game types and maps will all be available upon the game’s launch. Though the beta may be over, players won’t have to wait long until they can get their hands on the full Call of Duty Vanguard experience.

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