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Six-year-old Warzone streamer fakes Activision ban

Update December 11:

The community had been rallying behind the #FreeRogan Hashtag to now find out, that the entire thing was just an elaborate PR stunt for the FaZe 5 Challenge.
On RowdyRogan’s YouTube channel the family has posted an entire vlog surrounding the idea and filming of the prank:

It remains to be seen if the video will pass the challenge.

Original article from December 10 below:

RowdyRogan had become a rising star on Twitch at the age of six. But now Activision has banned the child sensation.

On December 9 RowdyRogan and his father wanted to stream another round of Warzone just like they have done for a while now. But when they logged in they found out that the account had been permanently banned.

They did not get an official reason for the ban but there is a high chance that RowdyRogan’s age was key. In the Terms of Service a minimum age has been fixed at 13 years old. That would make the RowdyRogan’s streaming a breach of the conditions even with his father present.

In a short clip shared on Twitter you can clear see the frustration as they react to the ban. While they seem determined to get the account unbanned, it seems unlikely that Activision will change its mind.

The Twitch account of RowdyRogan is still unaffected although the streaming plattform’s Conditions also set a minimum age of 13. So for now RowdyRogan could change to a different game.

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Image Credit: Twitter / RowdyRogan; Activision