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Dota Dota 2 Esport Scandal Sexual Harrassment

SirActionSlacks appeals to the community: “It’s just not hard to be good to each other. So try it. Try it.”

With the recent barrage of revelations of sexism and discrimination in the scene Dota 2 personality Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner has taken to YouTube in an emotional appeal to the community.

SirActionSlacks is usually known for his jovial nature, good-hearted attitude and (sometimes cringeworthy) humor. But with the current situation at hand fans and players witnessed a very different SirActionSlacks on June 23. Simply titled “Lets talk” his video is a raw view into one of the community’s most beloved figures.

“It is not hard to treat people right”

The message opens up with a visibly distraught SirActionsSlacks stating that he really dislikes having to talk about the situation. But the events have become so bad that he felt the need to talk. Dota 2 has been a precious thing to him, he continues, “Dota is my family. Dota is my life.”

After that Slacks cuts right to the chase:

“It’s not hard to treat people right. It’s not hard to not sexually harass people, I do it every fucking day actually. It’s actually super easy to not sexually harass people or treat people like shit or be racist. It’s super easy in fact. Don’t do it. That’s it. Boom shakalaka, you fucking unlocked the secret. Treat people nice, how you’d want to be treated.”

SirActionSlacks proceeds to share some of his own personal experiences with harrassment in the scene, but stresses that it is not even anywhere near what women have to endure in the scene.

“It’s not easy to do if it is people that you would have taken a bullet for 48 hours ago.”

He calls out racist, sexist and other bigot tendencies in the community and tells people to stand up to those. Even if it is difficult if they are close to you or if you think you know them. Especially in regards to GranDGranT he says:

“It’s not easy to do if it is people that you would have taken a bullet for 48 hours ago.”

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Although it is difficult to improve and grow as a whole, he desperately urges all players to better themselves, try and emphatize with others:

“Just be good people. It’s not hard to be a good person. It’s really not, it’s a lot easier though to be an asshole.”

But he challenges complacency in taking the easy way out. “As long as there is positive growth, it is worth the pain. Treat each other right, not just in-game but also in life.”

The whole message is especially sobering coming from the self-proclaimed clown of the Dota 2 scene. But his emotional appeal to better ourselves is a lesson that we as a whole community should take to heart and carry with us through the current scandals.

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Image Credit: SirActionSlacks/YouTube
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