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Sinatraa earns just as much in VALORANT as he did in Overwatch

Jay “sinatraa” Won is easily among the highest-profile players who have changed to Riot’s new FPS. The former Overwatch League MVP and champion of Season 2 made the move in April and has not looked back since.

News of his retirement in Overwatch to pursue a professional career in VALORANT easily made headlines everywhere back in April. Since then sinatraa’s has been doing quite well for himself.

Together with Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan, Hunter “SicK” Mims, Jared “zombs” Gitlin and Michael “dapr” Gulino sinatraa’s team Sentinels has established themselves among the best of North America’s VALORANT scene.

Sinatraa Changes to VALORANT
“VALORANT can be one of the biggest esports”

In an interview published on Forbes sinatraa has shared some of his experiences since his transition to Riot’s FPS. The former San Francisco Shock is quite confident in his new scene as he said: “I think Valorant can be one of the biggest esports if they dod things right with keeping the game fresh and attracting people globally.”

At least on the financial side of things VALORANT’s scene seems quite healthy already as sinatraa also told Forbes that there is almost no difference between the salaries of both games:

“I’ll say the salary is lower in Valorant, but it evens out with the amazing sponsors I get, that I couldn’t get in OWL due to restrictions.”

Considering how much he must have earned as starplayer and MVP in the Overwatch League, that is a very encouraging statement. Not only organisations are putting in healthy amounts of money into the new scene, but sponsors and other stakeholders are investing as well.

A key factor that can determine the long-term success of Riot’s hope for their shooter. Not only in the mainstream, but also as prospect for another mainstay in esports.

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Image Credit: Overwatch League/Blizzard