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Shroud will be co-streaming the IEM Cologne 2021 Semi-finals and Grand Final

Former professional player and current streamer Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek will be co-streaming the upcoming semi-finals and Grand Final of IEM Cologne 2021.

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ESL announced the news on Twitter and confirmed that Shroud will be given co-streaming rights for the remaining matches at IEM Cologne 2021. Shroud himself had hinted at the possibility on-stream earlier but now it’s been officially confirmed. The Canadian streamer remains one of the biggest streamers on the entire Twitch platform, currently boasting over 9.3 million followers.

The fact that ESL decided to give out co-streaming rights to someone like Shroud shouldn’t be strange at all. Earlier other tournaments such as BLAST and Flashpoint have allowed certain creators to co-stream their matches and the initiative has been well received in general, engaging new audiences and expanding reach.

Shroud has previously already co-streamed events within the VALORANT scene with great success. Riot Games in general has realized the benefits of giving out co-streaming rights for their games such as VALORANT and League of Legends and has managed to reach more and more people by doing so. Chances are we’ll see more of it within the CS:GO scene in the future. The semifinals of IEM Cologne are played today, July 17, starting at 16:00 CEST with G2 Esports taking on Astralis.

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