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Shroud debuts with a win at VCT Masters Qualifier, but gets eliminated right after

The popular streamer’s comeback to esports was fun while it lasted.

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That’s the most accurate summary of Shroud’s debut as a VALORANT esporter. With his team What’s Going On, he won the first round of the VCT Qualifier, but got eliminated in the second game.

Earlier this week, it was announced that popular streamer Shroud would be competing in the VCT Masters Qualifier in NA. That was of course received with great enthusiasm by the fans and the question was how his team would compete against some of the longer existing teams. Shroud played alongside ShawnBM, laski, iiTzTimmy and Relyks.

In the first round of the qualifier, Shroud and his team met Damn I Love Fwogs, but that team could offer little resistance. What’s Going On won both maps without too much effort. They won Haven with 13-6 and Bind even with 13-4. Shroud showed very solid performance on both maps, racking up 11 kills on Haven with KAY/O and even 16 with Omen on Bind.

Unfortunately for Shroud the next round, against ez5, was already the finish line for What’s Going On since they lost 2-0 in maps. However, Shroud always stated that this (temporary) return to esports was mainly for fun and fans should not expect him to return to full-time competitive play, some people will still hope to see him more often at tournaments.


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