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Shroud calls Lost Ark the ‘most boring’ game just to get addicted shortly after

Lost Ark is experiencing huge popularity right now. But amongst the hype top streamer Shroud called the game out for being boring. Now he has changed his mind.

Just recently streaming star Shroud called Lost Ark the ‘most boring game he had ever played’. However, he also mentioned that he can only speak about his experience in the beta and the gameplay while leveling. In this article you can read why he thought that way.

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His opinion on the title changed quickly after the leveling phase. In the past week he has played Lost Ark excessively while streaming his playthrough on Twitch. When a viewer asked him if he still thinks the game is boring he answered:

“Yeah, I was one of them. Okay. I’ll admit I was one of them. I was a boring believer. Now I’m fucking addicted. Fuck.”

You can watch the entire clip here:

What changed his mind?

The change of mind is not really surprising because Lost Ark has lots of endgame content, offering a variety of activities for the players. The leveling phase is just a small part of the game and can be finished very quickly. Many YouTube videos are showing that you can reach level 50 in just 10 to 17 hours. Aside from the short length it seems that the leveling procress has not bothered Shroud as much as his previous statement would imply. The streamer even uploaded a video on his second channel which shows the playthrough:

Furthermore, the former CS:GO pro mentioned during his New World streams that he likes the grind as long as it is rewarding. Exactly that is what seems to appeal to him in Lost Ark. In his Twitch stream you can see that he has already reached tier 2 in Smilegate’s MMORPG.


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