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SG e-sports and Team Spirit make The International 10 (CIS & SA)

There was only one opportunity left to qualify for the next international, but only two teams could step away as winners.

Almost a cinderella story

Any long time Dota fan will be familiar with the name of “Team Empire”. A team that has a massive history, only for the last few years to be stuck in the lower echelons of the Eastern European competition. Being stuck in the lower division, they were forced to start in the lower bracket, where most people expected them to win two series tops. Team empire however adopted Miracle’s famous credo, “Upper bracket is for bitches” and made it all the way to the finals. Leaving teams like AS Monaco Gambit and NaVi in their wake, it looked like they might actually make it.

The big favorite of the eastern european qualifiers, Team Spirit, simply did what they were expected to do. Only dropping one game in three series they found themselves a easy road to the finals from the upper bracket, where they met the battle hardened Team Empire.

A grueling five game series followed, a series where Team Empire looked to take the upper hand at the start. Yet everytime our underdog was about to close it out, Team Spirit showed off why they were the top dogs of eastern europe. Exhaustion eventually struck the warriors from the lower bracket, and the last two games went to the side of Team Spirit, securing them their spot at the next International. Team Empire tried so hard, but in the end it didn’t even matter.

The South American old guard

Everybody expected the South American qualifiers to come down between Noping Esports and Infamous, yet things turned very different. As teams like Infinity and Team unknown suddenly stepped up to plate clearing the previously mentioned favourite teams off the field. This cleared the field for the brazilian old guard of the SG e-sports to show off their skills.

While a myriad of teams fought it out in the lower bracket, going from top performance to throws in single series it was Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel’s squad of SG e-sports that stayed consistent. So consistent that they easily took down Team Unknown in the finals, securing the brazilians there well deserved spot in the upcoming International.

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