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Seraphine faces criticism regarding abilities and design

Now that Seraphine has been officially confirmed and we’ve had a look at her abilities, some people aren’t so happy with her introduction to the Rift. Seraphine faced a lot of criticism within the League of Legends community; to some people her design and her kit share a lot of similarities with another musical mage, namely Sona.

A lot of people took to Twitter or Reddit to vent their frustrations with the new champion. Lead Champion Designer of Riot Games, Ryan “Reav3”, tried to urge people to reserve judgement before actually playing Seraphine. “I think people should try her out before judging too much from an ability breakdown video. Many people had similar reactions to Lillia, Yone and Samira but once you play those champs in-game they feel very unique and different.”

Reav3 also commented on the fact that both Sona and Seraphine are based around a musical theme. “It’s our second music champ. We have like 20 champions with swords, 2 samurai, several fire mages. I think it’s okay for champions to have thematic overlap as long as the champions feel different enough from each other.”

Seraphine’s kit consists of useful utility in the form of a  temporary movement speed increase and a shield using her W ‘Surround Sound’. She also has a slow (and possible root and stun) built-in her E ability ‘Beat Drop’ while still being able to deal a fair bit of damage with ‘High Note’ (A) and her ultimate ‘Encore’. Of course we’ll have to wait quite some time until we’ll see Seraphine in action on the rift as her release date is scheduled for 29 October.

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Image Credit: Riot Games