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Sentinels sweep Fnatic in Masters Reykjavik grand finals, qualify for VCT Champions

Sentinels capped off their perfect run by defeating Fnatic 3-0, claiming the Masters Reykjavik title without dropping a single map.

Sentinels became VALORANT’s first ever international champions after sweeping Fnatic in the grand finals. The 3-0 finish is a deceptive result to some extent, as Fnatic keep the series competitive across all three games. Fnatic finished within 2 rounds of Sentinels in every game, ending their Masters with a respectable, albeit disappointing, finish.

Sentinels first map pick, Split, quickly went in their favor. Though Sentinels ran an unorthodox composition, with TenZ on Raze and SicK flexing to Sage, the NA finalist edged out attacker side 7-5. Fnatic came back after the half, Magnum and Doma playing a large role in sending the game into OT. Despite this effort, a double kill by TenZ secured Sentinels a series lead.

Fnatic’s map pick, Bind, ultimately went the same way in a 16-14 finish. Fnatic’s IGL, Boaster, got his team off to an 8-4 start on his signature Brimstone. Sentinels flipped the script on defender side however, Dapr’s rare appearance on Viper providing a crucial edge. A similar 8-4 half Sentinels took the game in OT once again. This time, Fnatic put up much more of a fight when outside regulation time, though fell 14-16 in the longest game of the series.

Map three felt almost destined to fall to Sentinels. Haven has long been one of Sentinel’s comfort picks, with a proven composition which has heralded them a 59% overall winrate. Though still a close matchup, Sentinels ended without the need for OT rounds. TenZ was undoubtedly the MVP of the series, find 79 total kills, winning 90% of entry duels, and ending with an impressive 280 ACS. Now not just kings of NA, but reigning International champions, Sentinels became the first team to qualify for Champions.

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