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Sentinels officially buyout TenZ in 7-figure deal with Cloud9

After months of being on loan from Cloud9, Sentinels have finally bought out TenZ’s contract.

Following Sentinel’s Masters Reykjavik win, many speculated on the fate of the final’s MVP, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Multiple times, TenZ has made it clear he wishes to stay with the Sentinel’s roster who he has found unprecedented success with. Sentinels released today that TenZ would remain on the team, but now as a permanent member.

Details about the deal have been released by multiple sources since the announcement. First, Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne, stated on Reddit that the deal had actually been made prior to Iceland. In his words, “it was important to Tyson to play and I wanted the best for him.” Through this, we can glean that the deal was set before the Cloud9 vs Sentinels game in the Iceland qualifiers, as TenZ would not have been allowed to play if he was still contracted to any degree with Cloud9.

Jack Etienne came under fire for allegedly holding TenZ’s contract as leverage. Following a meme he posted on Twitter after Sentinels won Masters Reykjavik, the community, and even prevalent esports figureheads quickly criticized Jack and Cloud9 as a whole. Multiple sources however have stated that Cloud9 and Sentinels had a amicable relationship throughout the deal.

Kevin Hitt of The Esports Observer released specific details over TenZ’s buyout contract. Kevin Hitt reported that TenZ was supposedly bought out in a seven figure deal. This would mark VALORANT’s first potentially multi-million dollar player contract. Regardless of the number, TenZ has officially entered a new chapter in his career, finally as a fully fledged Sentinel.

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Image Credit: Riot Games (Colin Young-Wolff)