July 15, 2020

Scholomance Academy expansion coming to Hearthstone

Despite Legends of Runeterra and Magic: The Gathering Online, the collectible card game that started off the craze is still going strong as Hearthstone just announced its newest expansion, Scholomance Academy!

In trademark Hearthstone fashion, the announcement was done with a comedic over the top animated musical song. The song, which can be seen below, is a spirited mash up of World of Warcraft lore and High School Musical. (https://youtu.be/RyhD3x-MzNc) Scholomance in World of Warcraft is a dark and dreary dungeon, with Kel’Thuzad and the Cult of the Damned conducting horrible practices in its halls. In Hearthstone, it feels more like Harry Potter light.

There is a limited amount of information currently available on the mechanics of the expansion, although a number of cards have already been revealed. Scholomance introduces a new Keyword, Spellburst. Spellburst cards will have its effect triggered when a spell is casted. In addition to that, Dual Class cards are added for the first time in Hearthstones history. Finally, the card type “Studies” allows you to Discover a card type, and discount your first future card of the same type. The academy theme runs throughout the entirety of the set, with cards such as “Transfer Student” and “Wretched Tutor” really amping up the ambience. 

The expansion will launch in early August, with the Scholomance Mega Bundle and regular Bundle currently available for preorder. 

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Image Credit: Blizzard
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