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San Francisco Shock Claim Back-to-Back Overwatch League Championships

by Noam Radcliffe/DBLTAP

The San Francisco Shock won the Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals on Saturday, becoming the first team in Overwatch League history to win the championship two years in a row. The Shock beat back a resurgent Seoul Dynasty to take the series 4-2, closing it out with a dominant hold on Hollywood’s second point.

The Overwatch League also named San Francisco’s Tracer specialist Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon as the T-Mobile Grand Finals MVP.

The Shock was the team to beat after its win at last year’s Grand Finals, but after losing star players Jay “sinatraa” Won and Minho “Architect” Park early in the 2020 season, the team was forced to prove itself anew. Incorporating new elements such as rookie flex support Minki “Viol2t” Park and sniper-specialist Seonchang “ANS” Lee, the Shock fairly dominated the Overwatch League’s North American division. Wins at the May Melee and the Countdown Cup helped solidify the Shock’s status as the best team in the division.

The Shock entered the playoffs as the top North American seed, and a heavy favorite to claim the title. With head coach Daehee “Crusty” Park at the helm and stand-out tank Matthew “super” DeLisi leading in-game, the Shock beat back the Dynasty in the first round of playoffs and the Shanghai Dragons in the second. Both series went down to the 3-2 wire. Meeting the Dynasty for the second time in Grand Finals, the Shock pulled out a convincing win to claim the championship.

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Image Credit: Robert Paul/Blizzard