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Rumor: Weapon price changes coming to VALORANT

Alleged price changes coming to VALORANT stand to drastically change the cost of various weapons in the game.

Recent leaks have speculated that an overhaul to the buy menu is inevitably approaching. These price changes could stand to change the meta of eco rounds, as ‘lower cost’ weapons are the most effected in this supposed update. Notably, the price shift will not impact either the Phantom or Vandal, which will remain at their current prices.

Most weapons will see a decrease in price. The Frenzy, Stinger, Bucky, Bulldog, Guardian, Marshall, Operator, and Ares will all receive a cut in price. Perhaps most notably, the Operator will go from 500 to 4700 total credits, making it ever slightly more obtainable on a regular basis.

The only weapon set to receive a hike in it’s price is the Judge. The shotgun will go from 1600 credits to a steep 1850 credits. This is likely a response to to the community criticism that weapon has received in recent months.

Many have already expressed their concerns and discontent with the proposed change. The price drop of the Frenzy could stand to only increase it’s already steady presence in pistol rounds. The Ares and Bucky are also strong options for eco or partial buy rounds that could give teams a greater edge.

When exactly this price change could occur is a mystery right now, the potential window spanning from next patch to Episode 3.

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Image Credit: Riot Games