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Rogue Trymbi: “It is probably exhausting for everyone trying to get efficient practice in while trying so many new champions”

We spoke to Rogue support Trymbi following their win over Cloud9. He talks about being more cohesive as a team, their ambitions and the Group of Death.

Hi Trymbi, congratulations on your first win at Worlds and thanks for the interview!

Trymbi: Thanks for having me!

The last time we saw Rogue, you guys had fallen out of the LEC playoffs. How would you describe the team’s changes since then?

Trymbi: It was back and forth, I would say. Our practice was either really good or really bad. I think that we always tried to get as much out of our games as possible. I think it worked pretty well over these two weeks. We started practicing way before we came to Iceland, so it feels like we are more structured. Everything feels much calmer and like we are more of a team than what we used to be.

Group A is considered the Group of Death by many, considering the presence of Damwon and FPX. Now that games have actually started, what do you think of the strength of your group?

Trymbi: Both of those teams have a good read on the meta, Damwon especially. Today, they showed what they think the strongest picks are and they completely stomped FunPlus Phoenix. It is quite clear that Damwon has a clear read on how to draft on the blue side, I would say.

Both teams are insanely good. Unfortunately, I can’t really say how good DWG KIA and FPX are because we didn’t get to scrim against them. Their mid and jungle duos, from the support perspective, are very annoying. The supports to deal with in this group are really good too, they know how to play the laning phase and they know when to leave lane to help their teammates as well. It is something we are going to look out for because we just need to try and match them.

This is your first time at Worlds after your first year as a starter in the LEC. How does it feel to achieve these feats in such a short amount of time?

Trymbi: I don’t really think about it if you want to know the truth. I don’t know how to say it, it is not really like I have a good feeling about it. I’m just glad that I got to Worlds right after joining the LEC. I feel like I have a good team so it feels a bit easier for me to get to Worlds than other people who didn’t. There are a lot of other really good players who didn’t get to go to this Worlds.

I wouldn’t say that it is a big thing for me or anything. Obviously, I am really happy that I am at Worlds and can show myself off but I just want to play my best and try to help my team get as far as possible. It would be really nice to make it out of groups and do something big even though everyone thinks that it is impossible for us.

Talking about your teammates more, the three core members of Rogue obviously also went to Worlds last year. Do you think their experience is beneficial to the team or provides any insight?

Trymbi: For sure, I think that all three players and coaching staff know what’s up about Worlds and what it might look like even though obviously we are not in China. If we were in China it would be a bit different. Still, I think that they have good experience from last year and now they can manage things a bit better so we don’t need to think about it too much. They know some of the patterns that were happening in the last Worlds.

It feels like the emerging meta at Worlds is significantly different from what was played domestically. Can you tell me how you have been adapting to picks like the Nami?

Trymbi: Well, I always like to pick weird champions and experiment a lot but this meta was for sure a little bit awkward. I think there were three or four patches before the Worlds one following the LEC playoffs. So, we had three patches of changes and I felt like sometimes there would be so many random changes that completely changed the way you can play a champion. It just felt like there was a lot to practice and trying stuff out before the initial meta kind of showed.

I think we had a lot of different thoughts and ideas about the meta before we came to Iceland. Seeing what is happening now, I think it is looking good but it’s pretty hard for every team to get a good grasp over what is strong or not. There were just so many changes that people are forced to experiment with picks and try to figure out themselves. It is probably exhausting for everyone trying to get efficient practice in while trying so many new champions.

It felt like your game against Cloud9 had a very active start. Unfortunately, you guys lost the early 2v2, but how did this game start from your perspective?

Trymbi: We had Nami and Lucian into an MF and Yuumi. I would say we were a bit stronger if we wanted to fight all the time and wanted to all-in, but we just needed to know what was happening on the map to play our lane. I think at one point I flashed for MF but Zven flashed at the right time and I couldn’t ignite her, so that was a pretty good play by Zven. If he dies there then the lane is just over. I think that was just a misplay because I could have easily not flashed there since I saw Zven about to flash. That was just a little bit unlucky because later on the wave was in a really bad spot for us and we were playing full topside for a bit. We had a rough time trying to farm and playing our lane.

Even when they killed us, obviously it was pretty bad from me that I died there but I think we could have played that out better. Just unlucky. I think one thing that changed a bit how botlane was is toplane. I think there was an incident where I tried to back off but I saw that the Gnar was dying from my Qiyana. I wanted to try and help my teammate but I was not so confident about going in and it resulted in Hans dying.

From the viewer’s perspective there were a lot of botlane problems. I could have prevented a lot of it for sure but it was the first game and I was quite nervous, I have to admit. There was a little bit of trolling.

Rogue definitely seemed to recover from that point on. You guys won almost every team fight. What do you think accounted for this success?

Trymbi: We were overall pretty calm in how we wanted to execute plays and fairly confident. From my point of view, even after I trolled some plays I was still confident in how strong I was in the game and how I could actually manage my champion to help my team the best.

Obviously, I think that sometimes Cloud9 was trying to do too much. I felt like they had to at some points though. It was back and forth fighting even though we were not really the ones engaging. I think we were calm in how we wanted to play the game out. We basically knew what to do and were not stressing out about anything.

Thank you for the interview Trymbi and best of luck in the upcoming matches!

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