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Riot working to improve VALORANT map rotation

Having to play the same map again and again is something a lot of VALORANT players have already complained about. Riot Games has now talked about the issue and is set on resolving it.

 It was Joe Ziegler, the game director for VALORANT, who first reacted to the criticism on Twitter. He ensured players that they’re aware of the issue and are actively working on a solution. “For everyone having a rough night where you get the same map too many times in a row: We’re working on a solution to make the map selector less likely to RNG you into the same map over and over.”

The criticism of VALORANT players having to play the same map time and time again has been going on for quite a while. One of the issues is also the fact that there are currently only four maps available, which will get resolved as more maps are released. Some players are looking towards the CS:GO model for a possible solution which allows players to vote on maps, but not everyone within the community is in favour of such a system.

Even though Riot is currently working on a solution, there is no timeframe as to when it will be implemented. We’ll have to wait and see which route Riot takes to resolve the issue, which means for now players will have to hold on just a little while longer.

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Image Credit: Riot Games