September 29, 2020

Riot to nerf the Operator in Patch 1.09

VALORANT’s Operator has long been criticized for being too strong in the current metagame of Riot’s FPS. Now the developers have finally announced nerfs coming in the upcoming Patch 1.09.

Pro players and community alike have long bemoaned that the Operator was too strong and oppressive in the metagame of VALORANT. Riot has finally agreed to that sentiment and decided to nerf the weapon in patch 1.09. Less Damage and a more bulky handling along with nerfed stats should bring the weapon more in line with the other rifles in VALORANT.

In an Interview with Team Liquid’s content creator Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson, VALORANT developer Nicolas “Nickwu” Smith detailled Riot’s plans for the sniper rifle.

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Smith explained in the video that the main issue of the Operator was the “too high” skill of the players. That resulted in frustration from their opponents as the weapon seemed to be too good. Riot has decided to make the downsides of the Operator more apparent to reduce the frustration on servers.

The first step will involve raising the price of the Operator up to 5000 Credits instead of the current 4,500. Furthermore the rate of fire will be reduced alongside increased weapon draw time and reduced damage across the board.
Instead of 127 damage on leg shots, the operator will now deal “only” 120 damage, which stops the operator from outright killing if at full health.

Additionally Riot has decided to reduce movement speed while zoomed in and also accuracy when jumping and moving.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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