August 20, 2020
League of Legends

Riot teases new League of Legends Champion Seraphine through Twitter

In the past two months some teasers for League of Legends newest champion Seraphine have been surfacing through a Twitter and Instagram account in one of Riot Games’ most interesting marketing stunts. 

Riot hasn’t really disclosed that much information about their upcoming Champion yet, except for the fact she is to be a mage (information that got leaked). Now a Twitter and Instagram account have surfaced under the name of ‘Seraphine’, where multiple pieces of artwork of the champion were shared, under the guise of a real-life person.

Seraphine also provided a short bio of herself, where she states she’s an aspiring songwriter and producer with big dreams who is currently living in Los Angeles. It’s very likely that the music theme will be consistent with the overall abilities of the champion itself. Alongside Twitter and Instagram a Soundcloud profile was also created, where a cover of Childhood Dreams by Ary can be found.

The expectation is for Riot Games to reveal and subsequently release the champion during Worlds 2020 and if the teasers on Twitter and Instagram are taken into account, we might see Seraphine popping up more often soon. This year we’ve already received new champions such as Sett, Lillia and Yone, with Seraphine and ADC Samira still to come. This means Riot Games will most likely release more teasers regarding these final two champions for 2020 soon.

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Image Credit: @seradotwav
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