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Riot reverts Fizz changes from Patch 11.18

After some strong nerfs, Fizz was a rather big fish in a small pond.

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In League of Legend’s Patch 11.18, we saw some massive changes to the amphibious yordle, Fizz. In one of the final patches before Worlds, Fizz received some significant buffs. These changes sought to make Fizz more viable across different skill levels. Most of Fizz’s damage comes from his ultimate, Chum the Waters, however this skillshot is easily dodged by higher ranking players. This makes Fizz disproportionately effective at lower skill levels.

Patch 11.18 attempted to fix this issue by decreasing damage from his Tidal Trickster ability. Instead, focus would be shifted to his Seastone Trident’s on-hit damage and ramping up his damage reduction against basic attacks. The idea behind these changes were to give Fizz better survivability in lane and decrease his dependence on his skill-shot based ultimate. League of Legend’s Lead Game Designer, Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu, stated that they expected Fizz’s overall winrate to decrease but to ultimately even out across ranks.

This was not the case. The champion’s MMR was instead “aggravated” and only grew the disparity between higher and lower ranking Fizz games. Earlier today, Jag released notes on Patch 11.19. This will be the final patch before the 2021 LoL World Championships and featured a lengthy segment on Fizz. Essentially, all of the changes made to Fizz from Patch 11.18 will be fully reverted and Fizz will be put back in his original state.

Worlds 2021 will not feature the 11.18 version of Fizz, though other changes made to the likes of Qiyana are being kept.

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Image Credit: Riot Games