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Riot looks to alter VALORANT competitive matchmaking in surprise update

In a surprise update for competitive VALORANT, Riot Games is tweaking matchmaking as they look to tighten matchmaking skill.

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Riot Games took to Twitter on the VALORANT account to announce a new update, as they look to make matchmaking a little more skill-based and warning for longer queue times. “Surprise Competitive update! We just rolled out some tweaks to the Ranked queue that should tighten matchmaking skill. Fair warning that you may see a slight increase to queue times.”

With the new update it is expected that players will more often be matched with players that are closer to their skill level, making matches a lot more fair and offering a better experience to newer and veteran players alike. The tradeoff here is that the wait times while queuing will be a little longer as the game tries to match players with the correct opponents.

It’s expected that more changes – especially more impactful ones – are going to be coming to VALORANT matchmaking. These will most likely be arriving in one of the upcoming patches as the developers are trying out some new things to make the matchmaking experience run a little more smoothly.

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Image Credit: Riot Games