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Riot looking to target prevalent Hecarim, might tweak Chemtank

Hecarim has been a bit too present in casual and competitive play, as Riot Games is looking to take him down a notch in their newest patch.

Earlier this week it turned out that Hecarim had a ban rate of around 70% in Diamond rank or above in ranked League of Legends, which obviously signals a huge balance problem around the champion. In a Reddit thread Riot Jag has let players know that they are aware of the issue. “We’re currently testing Hecarim changes for this patch. Ideally we find a way to just push power away from tank build into fighter builds.”

Instead of toning down his tank build, Riot might be looking into tweaking Chemtank instead. Chemtank has been a very prevalent item across multiple champions and is deemed a bit too powerful by some (professional) players. Others are advocating to just ban the champion outright instead of the item. “It’s possible that we need to adjust Chemtank instead. The problem is that Chemtank is a pretty reasonable option on a lot of champions and an extremely powerful one on a handful that are heavily driving the meta (Udyr, Hecarim), so nerfs would have pretty major costs.”

The upcoming patch is 11.9 and has been confirmed as the patch that will be used for the Mid-Season Invitational. Here’s to hoping we’ll get some more interesting jungle matchups instead of just Udyr versus Hecarim yet again.

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Image Credits: Riot Games