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Riot Games to nerf Ryze and Varus, plan to buff 15 more champions on Worlds patch 11.19

Patch 11.19 is set to be a follow-up to the huge patch 11.18 we got, and will shake up the meta going into Worlds 2021.

One of the biggest changes that has been announced are the nerfs coming to champions such as Ryze and Varus. Ryze has been one of the strongest and most consistent mages in the mid lane in the current meta and this nerf might see him fall out of favor with Worlds 2021 coming up. The same goes for Varus, who has been especially strong in professional play (he was the most used ADC), and will likely see a hit in usage. Other nerfs include Kennen, Sona and Soraka with the latter being a bit ‘overtuned’ in the last patch.

The list of champion buffs on the other hand is quite big, with 15 champions mentioned. There are some weirder ones in there such as the buffs to Renekton and Akali for example, but some of the changes are sure to make the Worlds 2021 meta more varied. Examples are Mordekaiser, Sion and Aatrox buffs, while the Poppy buffs might mean we get to see her a bit more. Qiyana will also receive a buff after the recent 11.18 mishap.

In any case, Riot Games seems to drastically shake up the meta ahead of Worlds 2021. The patch 11.19 is set to release on September 22, with the Worlds 2021 Play-In set to start on October 5.

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