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Riot Games reveal new League of Legends event – Project: Bastion

Earlier we already saw glimpses of new skins in the Project line, but now Riot Games has lifted the curtain on what we can expect.

Project: Bastion will be an event that takes place over the course of a month and over three different patches. During the event we’ll get some new skins alongside the return of fan-favorite game mode Nexus Blitz, alongside other things. People who want to take part in the event will be able to do so starting May 27, with Project:Bastion running until June 28.

When it comes to the champions who’ll be getting a new Project skin, the list is actually quite large, with seven new skins (six without counting Sylas’ prestige edition) hitting the game. The champions who’ll be getting a new skin are Senna, Renekton, Mordekaiser, Sejuani, Varus and Sylas (who also gets Sylas prestige Edition). Varus and Mordekaiser already had their skin leaked earlier this week.

Alongside new skins we see the return of Nexus Blitz, which offers some fast-paced League of Legends action for those interested in that. You’ll also be able to pick up a heap of new items, including new emotes, borders, icons and various other types of loot through purchase of the Project: Bastion event pass.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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