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Riot Games launches their first Wild Rift esports tournament for Europe and MENA called Origin Series

Riot Games has announced they’ll be organizing the Wild Rift Origin Series, the first inaugural esports tournament for Europe and MENA.

Wild Rift has been growing ever since its release and with more and more people being introduced to the game, it seems Riot has been working hard on getting their esports environment off the ground as well. Riot announced they’ll be launching the Wild Rift Origin Series which will see teams from across Europe, CIS, Turkey, The Middle East and North Afrika compete in monthly competitions.

These competitions are to take place over the summer and will culminate in the finals, which are set to take place in September. The Origin Series will feature a sizable prize pool consisting of €300.000. Teams who want to participate will have to register for the qualifiers, with the first qualifier taking place on June 1. Players can register over at the Origin Series website.

Hans Christian Duerr, the head of esports for Wild Rift in Europe and MENA commented on the launch of the Origin Series: “League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series is set to bring mobile esports to the next level and shine a light on new talents yet to be discovered. We expect to see a fiery competition from our competitors across Europe, Turkey, the CIS and MENA over the coming months and anticipate a high level of sign-ups for this open tournament series.”

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