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Riot Games disallows TSM from featuring FTX in League of Legends and VALORANT

Riot Games has quickly taken the wind out of TSM’s sails following a ground breaking contract signing.

Just early in the day, TSM announced via Twitter their ground breaking contract with crypto exchange company, FTX. The $210 million dollar deal marked the largest single esports sponsorship in history. In exchange, TSM would brand themselves as ‘TSM FTX’ for the next 10 years, receiving large lump sums of the total contract worth annually.

Riot Games have thrown a wrench in TSM’s agreement to some extent, preventing the team from featuring FTX in both League of Legends and VALORANT. This means that FTX will not be featured in either name or on the jerseys of TSM players.

Though Riot Games approved of the deal, sponsors related to the crypto currency industry carry heavier restrictions. Alongside fantasy and betting companies, Riot Games has a history of placing regulations on select industries. TSM CEO, Andy Dinh, commented on Reddit that though FTX will not represented in LoL and VALORANT on stage, the sponsor will accompany the teams in related content.

Other rosters in esports titles such as Rainbow 6 and Apex Legends will be able to prominently displayed FTX’s logo and feature the organization’s new, full name. Losing two of their most popular team’s ability to feature the brand is certainly a loss for the longstanding North American organization. Still, streamers and related content will feature the deal and cement TSM’s achievement as one among the most significant sponsorship in esports history.

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