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Riot confirms it’s working on 5-stacks playing together competitively in VALORANT

A tweet from Shroud sparked a response from a VALORANT game developer concerning 5-stacks in the rated queue.

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Although senior competitive designer EvrMoar was quick to mention there are not ETAs for the implementation, he did shed some light on one of the more requested features.

A complaint many higher tier players have is the inability of queueing together as a full team, a 5-stack. This was first implemented to make sure the competitive integrity of the ranked experience was intact.

At the moment they can only queue with one other teammate.

Not being able to play with (all of) your friends is another reason why Riot is now looking into opening the competitive queues to full teams, in an attempt to lower the number of players that are deterred to play the game in its current state.

EvrMoar confirmed his team is “working on a way for 5 stacks to play together competitively” and was looking at a short-term solution as they work on the “bigger system”.

When asked about implementing a League-like flex queue, he said that “it definitely something that comes up in talks, right now trying to see if there were better options.” His main concern with this solution is that one ranked queue would inevitably take over as the “real ranked mode”.

As mentioned by EvrMoar there is no ETA on the implementation of this feature, but just seeing a senior developer confirm VALORANT is working on a solution for this much-requested feature will sound like music in the top players’ ears.

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Image Credits: Riot Games