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RGE Trymbi: “I don’t know if we can say that we’re contenders to win everything, but I am really happy with the way things are going”

With a 2-0 week secured and an explosive Week 3 ahead of them, support Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus sits down and talks about how Rogue is faring so far, the team compared to last year and lessons from Worlds 2021.

After an off-season which saw them lose star players Kacper “Inspired” Słoma and Steven “Hans sama” Liv, many wondered how Rogue would fare coming into the new year. Just two weeks of play later, Rogue are one of the two undefeated teams in the LEC 2022 Spring Season. They currently are tied in first spot with Fnatic.

First and foremost, thank you so much for joining me on this interview, Trymbi. Congratulations on going 5-0 and remaining undefeated! Walk me through the game against Team BDS which , what I would say, was pretty much a stomp. What are your reflections on the game?

Trymbi: Thank you. I think the game would be looking better from our side but unfortunately, there were a lot of pauses in the early-game that I think made everybody a little bit annoyed from both sides, so the game was not looking as good of a quality as it could have. That’s for sure something that I regret happened, but there is nothing that I could do to influence that. It was just unlucky and we just had to adapt to that.

Overall, I still think we put on a good show in the early-game and I’m really happy that we were able to show Lucian/Nami for example, showing that even after Worlds, you’re still able to play it on a good level, and that it’s a strong duo. Overall, I like the game. I think we’re playing pretty well. We’re doing everything we could, even though we had some problems with the internet and stuff. So I’m really glad that we pulled off a nice win.

That’s very nice and you don’t have to apologize for the internet issues. It was not your fault. I’d like to get your thoughts so far on Rogue as a team at the moment, because I recall spring last year where you guys were 5-0 after week two as well. How would you say Rogue’s form is looking at the moment compared to the previous team?

Trymbi: Hmmm… I think looking from the outside it looks a bit similar to last year, I can’t really say if it’s better or worse. It’s hard to judge because everything was different. The way Rogue would work now and was working before is different. I would say both versions of Rogue were looking strong at the time and right now we’re also looking strong.

I don’t know if we can say that we’re contenders for now to win everything, but I am really happy with the way things are going. I’m happy that I’m able to experience it and at the same time, have some fun with it. Because I’m the kind of guy that always really needs to get fun out of this game to be myself outside. So it’s very nice that I can find it right now as well. It’s really nice that right now I’m getting to experience some nice vibes doing really good stuff.

When you mentioned it being slightly different from last year, one topic that’s quite talked about is your current synergy with new jungler Malrang. How would you say your communication and synergy is with him at the moment, and how is it different with your time with Inspired?

Trymbi: I wouldn’t say that there was a huge difference. With Inspired, it was more about the fact that he liked to farm a lot so I always respected how he wanted to just powerfarm whenever he could. It was really good for the game and I was always agreeing to that. We would always hold hands in-game together when we could so I don’t think there’s a big difference right now.

I think with Malrang it’s more about the fact that he’s more willing to sacrifice himself in order for the team to get advantages on other lanes. So I’m able to move a bit more with him or try to demand more from him. I think Malrang’s English is good, but he’s not able to fully express what he truly wants just yet, so I think he trusts a lot in his teammates’ decisions. So we asked him to actually go somewhere, even though it might not be the best for him, he will go for that because he believes it might be better for the game than it is for his game. So that’s something that can be good and can be bad, and for now I can’t really say that it’s better or worse than with Inspired. It’s really not like this. Sometimes it might be better, sometimes it might be horrible for the game. I guess it’s more on us right now to actually understand where we truly need him and when we just should not ask for his help.

But I think he’s doing a good job with English lessons since everyone is asking about it in Rogue interviews. So you know, he’s doing really well and I hope he’ll be able to fully speak out his mind when he gets a little bit more comfortable. Yeah, currently it’s been a pleasure to work with Malrang for sure.

I wasn’t gonna ask about English lessons, but thank you very much for mentioning that!

Trymbi: Yeah, it’s something that a lot of people have asked, no worries about it. I’m just gonna give the perfect sentence that everyone is saying so people just know how it is. But it’s true, it’s looking good so far.

Speaking of Inspired, you also went to Worlds last year. That was your first Worlds and you were on the verge of making Knockouts, did you take any lessons back from Worlds into the LEC this year?

Trymbi: Yeah, I think I learned a lot. Not only from a game perspective, even though I think I understood that I can play on a really good level and am able to understand how to play the game. I just need to make sure that I’m fully aware of what I’m doing and I can make decisions that will win the games. I could see at Worlds that I had a good time playing versus the top teams.

Aside from in-game stuff, Worlds itself was also different. Because, at first, Worlds was supposed to be in China, and I was really hyped to go to China, then suddenly, we went to Iceland. Iceland was really beautiful as a country and stuff but it was something different and I had to adapt to something that I was not expecting and I was not too happy about at the same time, even though obviously, there were a lot of factors that would make me not want to go to China due to restrictions and everything. I was really also very hype for us, though. So that’s one thing.

Furthermore, I think the dynamics and the way that every team at Worlds needs to face the mental burnout, so to say. Obviously everyone deals with burnout as a player and overall as a team, but I think that at Worlds it just showcased which team is the team that is actually able to cope with that and be able to face it, and that’s something that I for sure took lessons from. Overall, I got to see a lot of nice people out there at Worlds. Players that are similar to me, maybe much better than me, but you know have a pretty similar journey that they had to take in order to get there. So that was really motivating that I got to be one of those players.

And I’m sure you’ll be there again. Before we end, you’re facing both the perceived superteams in Fnatic and Team Vitality in Week 3. Which match are you more hyped up to face? And will Rogue go 2-0?

Trymbi: Both teams are pretty good. Even though Vitality was looking really shaky previously, it’s just the regular season. As long as you get top six, I would say no one really cares. I think both teams are extremely good and both teams are ones that we should really look to show a good fight and potentially win.

I never had this mentality of being completely like the winner of a specific game, I was always trying to take it slow and think about every possibility. I don’t know if we’re gonna win. If we would go 2-0, that would be pretty amazing, not gonna lie. That would just showcase the practice and everything we’re doing. So that’s for sure something nice to show to everybody and basically make the community feel like we’re actually one of those teams that are looking strong. Yet like I said, it’s just a regular season.

If we lose those two games, I would for sure mind because I hate losing, but it’s not like I will care a lot. I can always make it up in other games in order to get to the playoffs. Yeah, I believe that we’re gonna get to the playoffs right now so I don’t really want to put any pressure on my teammates or myself. I just want to have fun first and showcase good League of Legends with my team second. Personally as well, I want to prove and show that Rogue is not this team that people always say will win games when we’re favorites and who would always lose the games versus the better team. I want to showcase we’re able to take those teams and be able to win versus them.

Thank you Trymbi, best of luck in the coming weeks.


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