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Recording proving match-fixing in ESEA MDL leaked

An audio recording between several members of the then-Rebirth roster has been leaked to the public, implicating the three players were planning on losing games on purpose for personal gain.

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The players in question are Sebastian “⁠retchy⁠” Tropiano, Carson “⁠nosraC⁠” O’Reilly and Kevin “⁠4pack⁠” Przypasniak, and are overheard making plans to fix two ESEA MDL games.

In the recording, you can hear retchy explaining they had been planning to lose against Russian Canadians for almost a week, and that the opposing in-game leader Alex “vek Voynov had agreed to share his radar. David “J0LZ” Jolin was said to “be okay with it”, implying multiple RC members being in the loop.

Trying to make the game look like a legitimate contest, retchy asks that two of the other players on the Russian Canadians lineup, Dylan “⁠Saturn⁠” Finch and Ian “⁠battery⁠” Yates, are kept out of the loop.

After being made aware of the potential existence of the now leaked recording, both games in question were either postponed or forfeited, in an attempt to hide their involvement and betting activity.

This news follows Wednesday’s news of ESIC’s commissioner Ian Smith revealing the FBI was involved in the ongoing match-fixing investigation, with the first part of the report to be released within ten days to two weeks.

With the Federal Bureau of Investigation involved, the Esports Integrity Commission shows that it means business bringing all perpetrators to justice.

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Image Credit: Valve (via Steam)