September 13, 2020

PUBG Mobile bans over 2 million cheaters

PUBG Mobile started a “new era”. The developers banned 2.2 million cheaters from the game – in just seven days. Most people were using X-Ray vision.

“With a flash everything has changed!”

PUBG Mobile launched “v1” on September 9th. But next to new weapons and game modes the developers approached a new way to fight cheaters.

In the least week (4th to September 10th) they banned 2.2 million cheaters in the game. The new system to detect cheats foccused on the two biggest cheat softwares and a machine learning approach. PUBG Mobile promised “20 detection methods”.

Most cheaters were using X-Ray-Vision like wallhacks (52%), 23 percent were using aimbots and even 8 percent used speed hacks.

Besides the new developers work PUBG introduced a video review system, where players can watch suspicious accounts and flag them. This works similar to “Overwatch” in CS:GO.

Over 12.000 cheaters got caught via reviews.

Recently PUBG Mobile made it to the headlines because India banned the game. It is one of the most played Battle Royale games in India, with more than 33 million active users. Read here more about it.

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