October 2, 2020

Popular streamer xQc signs for Luminosity Gaming

Popular Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel becomes a part of Luminosity Gaming. The organization announced the signing on October 1st, making xQc a part of their creator team going forward. They’ve also announced a new talent show for livestreamers, which xQc will be involved in.

In recent years xQc’s popularity exploded as he’s become one of the most watched and followed streamers on Twitch. Recently he gained even more traction with his ‘Among Us’ streams, having upwards of 50.000 concurrent viewers whenever he goes live.

As a part of the organization xQc will work with them on the ‘Rising Stars Challenge’ that was announced by Luminosity. The Rising Stars Challenge will be a Twitch talent show that takes place over five weeks, where new and upcoming streamers can prove themselves and maybe secure a sponsorship. During the challenge xQc will be helping out in finding Twitch’s newest star streamer.

Luminosity Gaming called the signing of xQc the biggest announcement in the history of the organization. They were also the organization that signed streaming powerhouse Tyler “Ninja” Blevins all the way back in 2017 when he still competed in HALO, before transitioning to the Battle Royale genre in PUBG and Fortnite as a creator.

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Image source: Overwatch League / Blizzard
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