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Pokimane roasts NFT-promoting influencers

Pokimane called out 'cringe' celebrities and influencers who have promoted NFTs.

Popular streamer Pokimane called out streamers and influencers who publicly advertise NFTs without full knowledge over what an NFT actually is. NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, are increasingly being advertised by celebrities in the mainstream media. Most recently, several celebrities have gone on lat night talk shows with the intent to sell NFTs to wider audiences.

Pokimane claims that many of these celebrity endorsements have been done unwittingly, as the chosen influencers did not fully comprehend NFTs. In a tweet, Pokimane wrote “nothing makes me cringe more than seeing celebrities/influencers promote NFTs knowing damn well they have no clue what they’re talkin about.”

In a response, the OfflineTV member went on to clarify that she meant those who engage in advertisements but have little to no interest in crypto currencies, NFTs, or tech in general. She wrote, “i’m only talking about people that promote these things with 0 interest in tech and clearly little to no understanding of crypto, nft, or web3 in general. it’s just so obvious when they’re only doing it for the bag.”

Pokimane stopped before she could name any specifics, though her condemnation of advertisers was clearly triggered by recent events. Pokimane did not generally condemn NFTs, she was highly critical of those with unethical practices. Pokimane’s comments were subsequently littered with Twitter users advertising their own NFTs.

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Image Credits: Pokimane
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