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Pokimane gets banned: is this the end of the most recent TV Twitch meta?

After months of unregulated re-broadcasting of copyrighted content, major Twitch streamers are beginning to face bans and regulations.

Over the past months, Twitch streamers have enjoyed the ability to stream full length television shows and movies completely unregulated. From Master Chef to Lord of the Rings, some of the most popular streamers on Twitch have taken full advantage of this ‘reaction meta.’ Now it seems that publishing companies have finally taken notice.

Pokimane, one of the platform’s premier figures, was the first streamer to suffer a ban from re-broadcasting copyrighted content. Shortly after watching the Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pokimane was banned for two days. Pokimane seemingly took the ban in stride, advertising a 12 hour return stream on Twitter.

The popular OfflineTV member is not the only streamer being restricted. Master Chef has been a near constant across this reaction meta, so much so that Gordon Ramsey even referenced his show’s prevalence on Twitch. Hasan Piker, after receiving messages from Twitch staff, announced that he, nor any other streamer on Twitch, would continue to broadcast Master Chef.

Posting evidence of the takedown issued by Fox Network, the parent company of Master Chef, it is clear that the eye of networks have finally landed on the streaming platform. The reaction meta is not completely dead yet, as other prevalent figures have continued to test the limits. Many streamers and Twitch staff have warned reaction content creators of the potential legal ramifications for both the streamers and the site.

While these attempts to squash the reaction meta may only be starting, it certainly seems like this could be the end of the reaction era on Twitch.

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