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Pokémon we want to be playable in Pokémon UNITE soon

Pokémon UNITE has become very popular in the short time it’s been out, yet which Pokémon could be joining the fight next?

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Most recently we’ve gotten Gardevoir as a new ranged attacker to join the fight in Pokémon UNITE and we already know that Blastoise is well on its way to firing his cannons in-game as well. However which other Pokémon would be a good fit to add to Pokémon UNITE and how would they function? Let’s speculate.


When looking at potential fan-favorites that might make it into Pokémon UNITE, there seems to be no better choice than Tyranitar. The second-generation Pokémon is still one of the most beloved Pokémon by many and would offer a lot of interesting dimensions to explore in UNITE if he were to be added.

His sandstorm-focused ability might make it into the game in some way and he could potentially become one of the heavy hitters, albeit with low mobility. The fact that he evolves twice out of Larvitar also fits in very well with the level-style evolution system. Tyranitar might just be the next late-game monster in Pokémon UNITE.


Speaking of fan-favorites, there’s no denying Scyther and Scizor’s popularity. Just looking past that, adding both Scyther and Scizor into the game might actually offer up some interesting mechanics in UNITE. With scyther being a fast but frail hard-hitting Pokémon, Scizor becomes a lot more durable yet slower while retaining his big attack stat.

This could blow the whole evolution mechanic in UNITE wide open and there’s no doubt there’s a lot of possibilities to explore. Why not introduce the choice of keeping Scyther or evolving it into Scizor depending on what the game needs? A whole new avenue of strategy is just waiting to be explored.


Let’s face it, there’s not a whole lot of healing going around in Pokémon UNITE aside from Eldegoss and adding another Pokémon that’s entirely focused on keeping the team healthy could be interesting. That’s where Blissey comes in. There’s the potential of evolving twice, from Happiny into Chansey into Blissey and they would certainly fit the theme of the game.

Blissey could potentially be a tanky but slow healer and support Pokémon. Her slow movement speed would mean she’d be hard to play, having to be positioned just right to make a big impact in the game while still being able to take a couple hits herself.


Every game needs its true stealth character and in Pokémon UNITE, that Pokémon could very well be Kecleon. Thematically he’d be a great fit alongside the Pokémon that are already in the game, while also adding some more generation 3 flair to Pokémon UNITE next to Gardevoir and Absol.

Kecleon has the ability to blend into the environment and would be an ideal ganking powerhouse, synergizing with high DPS partners, albeit with a lower damage output himself. On the other hand, he should have access to a stun by the use of his tongue.

Who’d you want?

Which Pokémon would you want to join Pokémon UNITE. We’ll get Blastoise soon enough, but there’s still more than enough room to increase the roster of characters, something that’ll certainly happen if the game and community keeps on growing.

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