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Pokémon UNITE – These Pokémon are still missing from the lineup

The release of Pokémon UNITE is coming soon. But the currently announced roster of playable Pokémon leaves much to desired. Here are the Pokémon we want to see in UNITE.

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Pokémon UNITE will release in this month for the Nintendo Switch. For now the announced lineup only consists of 19 Pokémon. While some of the most iconic Pokémon like Pikachu and Charizard. But some of the most popular Pokémon are still missing and we really want to see them in the game soon.

Junglers and Supporters in UNITE?

Just like in other MOBAS, the characters in UNITE are also distributed over roles and classes. In UNITE these are Attackers, Defenders, Supporters, Speedsters and All-Rounders. This classification leaves plenty of room for speculation. A Pokémon like Rapidash for example could be an Attacker, but you could also make an argument for it being a Speedster. But even the All-Rounder category makes sense as it could easily be similar to a Jungler like Hecarim in League of Legends that influences the entire map.

Rapidash and Mewtwo are two of the Pokémon that could do well in UNITE as well. Image Credits: Pokémon

Ground Pokémon like Dugtrio could also be interesting. They seem to be predestined as Defenders, but AoE attacks like earthquake could also put them into a more offensive role. Fan favourite Mewtwo would also offer interesting attacks due to his Psychic type. Maybe he could fit a role as a debuffer that weakens the opposition. Considering his status as one of the legendary Pokémon he might also just appear as a neutral boss on the map.

Psyduck is also a strong candidate for a Psychic Pokémon making its way to UNITE. In addition his water attacks should also not be underestimated.

Less impressive but beloved nevertheless: Magikarp and Psyduck Image Credits: Pokémon

Another Water type Pokémon we would love to see is Magikarp. It could fill the classic lategame carry role that needs to be protected early on before turning the tide later as Gyarados.

The first three starters

The current lineup has Charizard, Ivysaur in its lineup, but Squirtle or its evolutions are still missing from the announced Pokémon to complete the first three starters. But on Twitter Blastoise has already been teasered as one of the first Pokémon to be added after release.

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Image Credits: Pokémon Unite