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Pokémon UNITE: These Pokémon are great at stealing Zapdos

Securing Zapdos is crucial in Pokémon UNITE and if you manage to steal it, you can mount a huge comeback or blowout victory.

These Pokémon are some of the best options when it comes to sneakily zoning enemies away from Zapdos or brutally barging in and just securing it for themselves.


Talonflame has a lot of options when it comes to sneakily taking away Zapdos. Its ultimate Flame Sweep sees it come in from afar, shoving away enemies and dealing damage, while other dashes such as Flame Charge can do much of the same. If you went the Fly-route, you can become untargetable and just swoop in.


Snorlax in Pokémon UNITE is almost an immovable object, which makes him ideal for barging into the enemy team, shoving away their Pokémon and allowing yourself or your team to snatch Zapdos. His Block ability can be a gamechanger when doing this, while his Power Nap can make it hard to kill him.


If you want to go another route to steal away Zapdos, you can look for the high-damage, high-mobility approach. Zeraora can use his great mobility to get in and get out, snatching away the objective using moves such as Volt Switch. If he’s able to put down his Plasma Gale beforehand, he’ll deal additional damage, making it even easier to deal the damage necessary to steal Zapdos away.

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