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Pokémon UNITE releases huge patch featuring balance changes and ranked rework

Pokémon UNITE has released patch and it’s a big one, balancing out some of the Pokémon, making changes to ranked and tweaking some in-game mechanics.

One of the biggest changes are the ones to level requirements for some of the Pokémon. Options such as Garchomp and Mamoswine were always harder to use due to requiring quite a bit of experience and farm to reach their most powerful point, by which time the game would mostly be played out already. To remedy this UNITE has changed up the levels, making their evolutions come a level faster, with them also learning moves sooner.

Some in-game mechanics also received tweaks. While scoring a goal Pokémon will now recover less HP, upping the skill and precise timing required. Aeos Energy drops were also reduced, Sitrus Berries were made into a timed event which disappears after five minutes, limiting defensive options somewhat. Finally the Base and Middle Goals had their recover and shield effects made stronger, making offensive pressure a little less dominant.

The ranked changes are mostly focused on high-rank players, especially those grinding towards Master Rank. Players will be able to climb ranks a little more easily, making things more manageable when running into griefing or AFKers. Performance Points are now also more important, being able to stop your rank from regressing at all.

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