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Pokémon UNITE – How to upgrade your Held Items to level 30 the fastest

Not afraid to spend money on Pokémon UNITE? You want to level up your Held Items the fast way without grinding? Here is how to buy enough Item Enhancers for level 30 on all items.

Held Items are some of the most powerful bonuses you can get for your Pokémon in UNITE. But in order to fully upgrade an item all the way to level 30 you have to invest 2587 Item Enhancers as the costs increase with each level. So how do you get those Enhancers?

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Acquiring Item Enhancers

They are spread out as rewards throughout Trainer Levels, Battle Pass and the random Energy rewards you can unlock. You will also be able to exchange your Aeos Tickets (which you earn in the same way) in the in-game store “Aeos Emporium” for Item Enhancers at a rate of one Enhancer for ten Tickets. While that sounds like plenty of Enhancers to go around in the end the scaling costs of the upgrades make it impossible to reach level 30 just through playing the game.

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So how are most of the top players running multiple level 30 items?

Spending Aeos Gems for Enhancers

Unfortunately this is the place where Pokémon UNITE’s Pay-to-Win factor is the most blatant. Because there is another way to acquire Item Enhancers hidden in the in-game store. If you have exhausted all your Aeos Tickets but still want to exchange them for Item Enhancers a hidden dialog box opens, which enables you to use Aeos Gems (which you buy with actual money) as substitute for missing Tickets.

Item Enhancers for Aeos Gems
Item Enhancers in exchange for Aeos Gems

Unless you run into this dialog box while actually having not enough Tickets the game does not tell you at all how to do so. Perhaps not that surprising as it is a blatant cashgrab for in-game advantages, but it is nevertheless the fastest and only way to have multiple level 30 items at this point in time.

If you only use this method to upgrade your items you will spend roughly 40$ to push an item from level 1 to 30. But in most cases you can use the “free” Tickets and Enhancers to reach level 20, which gives you most of the bonuses in those items.

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