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Pokémon UNITE – How to play Sylveon

Sylveon is the next Pokémon in line to join the fight in Pokémon UNITE. How do you play Sylveon effectively?

Sylveon’s style of play

One of the primary goals you’ll have when playing Sylveon is dealing out a lot of damage, as the Pokémon is of course listed and built as a Special Attacker. It’ll function in quite the same way as a Pokémon like Alolan Ninetales. Sylveon does set itself apart however as a lot of the moves it boasts also have some support elements mixed in and it can keep itself healthy to stay in the fight longer.

Most strategies for teams that’ll be using a Sylveon will be to keep the Sylveon safe for as long as possible while it continuously dishes out damage, so you’ll be functioning as the backline of your team most of the time. Sylveon also has some safety built into its moveset, being able to juke certain abilities from opponents.

Best held items for Sylveon

As Sylveon will focus on maximizing the damage it has available, the items it will be using are fairly straightforward. Choice Specs is the go-to option in that regard, while Wise Glasses boost the Special Attack of the Pokémon even further. You do have a bit of a choice for the third slot however. Buddy Barrier is a solid option, but something like Shell Bell could also work well. As the Battle Item, go for Eject Button, like always.


Best move choices for Sylveon

Sylveon sets itself apart from other Special Attackers with its sustain and utility which its moveset can provide.

Starting out

  • Swift (Level 1 or 3): Shoot stars at opponents which deal damage.
  • Baby-Doll Eyes (Level 1 or 3): Deal damage and decrease attack and movement speed of opposing Pokémon.

First move slot

  • Mystical Fire (Level 4): Create four flames that go forward and shoot towards opponents. Their Special Attack is also reduced. Each hit lowers the cooldown of the move.
  • Hyper Voice (Level 4): Multiple soundwaves fly towards the opponent. The farther the enemy, the more damage is dealt. Successive hits build damage.
Sylveon using Hyper Voice.

To use Sylveon most effectively, you’ll have to combo your level 4 move with the one you pick at level 6. While both are viable, Sylveon’s effectiveness increases greatly if you can make moves work together.

Second move slot

  • Draining Kiss (Level 6): Blow a kiss at the opponent which will bounce between the user and opponent. Dealing damage to the opponent while also lowering movement speed and healing the user.
  • Calm Mind (Level 6): Raise Special Attack, Special Defense and movement speed for a short while.

When you went the Mystical Fire route, you should opt into Draining Kiss, as both moves work well in conjunction and allow you to safely get closer into the fight to deal damage. If you want Hyper Voice you should opt into Calm Mind, because the boost the latter provides will greatly increase your damage output.

UNITE move

  • Fairy Frolic (Level 8): Jump in the air and become invincible for a short moment. When landing, deal AOE damage and restore HP. After using the move a percentage of damage you deal is converted into HP.
Sylveon using Fairy Frolic.

Fairy Frolic can make you a walking, damage-dealing tank while sustaining all the way through. Use it to turn teamfights around or to zone away enemies who’ll have to respect you. It can also be used to dodge away from crucial enemy abilities and re-engage.

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