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Pokémon UNITE – How to play Mamoswine

Mamoswine stomps his way into Pokémon UNITE! How do you play this mammoth effectively and what held items work best?

Mamoswine’s style of play

Mamoswine is listed as a defender and that’s obviously the style he’d like to play. Judging from what he offers, he’ll most likely function best in both the top and bottom lane, but isn’t the best jungler. What he does do extremely well though is engage the enemy and find openings which other Pokémon normally wouldn’t be able to capitalize on. All his moves have some form of Crowd Control available which can keep the enemy busy while your team positions for the teamfight, with his tankiness serving as a buffer.

There are some drawbacks of course to using Mamoswine. This Pokémon mostly gets going during the mid game and that’s where you’ll need to make your mark with him. In the early game you’ll have a rough time and while his CC remains effective in the late game, his damage kind of falls off a little. Mamoswine is also kind of slow. Try to play around these issues.

Best held items for Mamoswine

There’s multiple items that have a purpose when playing Mamoswine, but basically there’s two you always want in your kit. These items are Focus Band and Buddy Barrier. Buddy Barrier will allow you to play your defender role to the fullest potential, keeping teammates safe, providing CC and soaking up damage as the frontline. Focus Band allows Mamoswine to hold out a little longer.

The final item depends on how you’ll be using Mamoswine. If your team needs you to deal more damage, Muscle Band is a great option. If you need to stay safe and be tanky, you can either opt into Leftovers or Weakness Policy. For the Battle Item, always go with the Eject Button to counter Mamoswine’s lower mobility.

Best move choices for Mamoswine

Mamoswine’s moveset is actually quite interesting and all his moves are actually viable depending on how you want to play this Pokémon.

Starting out:

  • Ice Shard (Level 1 or 3) lets you throw ice towards an opponent which limits their movement speed and deals AOE damage. You freeze the enemy if all chunks hit.
  • Tackle (Level 1 or 3) has you rush the enemy and tackle him. You deal damage and throw the enemy Pokémon.

First move slot

  • Ice Fang (Level 6) throws a Pokémon close to you while dealing damage and freezing. You’re also able to choose the direction of the throw and deal AOE damage and freezing if other Pokémon are hit.
  • Icicle Crash (Level 6) deals AOE damage and limits movement speed. Your last icicle will shatter if hit by a move or after a set time and deals AOE damage while also freezing. Using Tackle or High Horsepower makes the ground icy, limiting movement speed.

Both moves are great options for Mamoswine actually. If your task is to keep enemies away or focus on CC, you should go with Icicle Crash. If you want to engage and get up in the face of the enemy, opt into Ice Fang instead.

Second move slot

  • Earthquake (Level 8) has you leap and hit the great in a direction, dealing AOE damage and pulling the enemies towards you if hit.
  • High Horsepower (Level 8) sees you charge in a direction, shoving enemies and dealing damage when hit. Afterwards Mamoswine stomps the ground and deals AOE damage leaving enemies stunned.

The choice for Earthquake seems quite logical if you’re thinking along the lines of crowd control, while High Horsepower is obviously an essential engage tool if you’re playing Mamoswine that way. Obviously assess the enemy Pokémon you are up against before making your choice, because the game state or enemy composition can influence your choice.

Unite move

  • Mammoth Mash (Level 10) has you jump to a location, sees you become immune to other hindrances as you stomp the ground multiple times. This attack deals AOE damage and decreases enemy movement speed with every stomp. The last attack will throw enemies.

Mammoth Mash can completely turn a fight on its head if used right. Make sure to position yourself well so you can get in the middle of the enemy team. By stomping you can decrease the enemy movement speed which forces them to get away or be thrown into your team to be helplessly taken out. If used correctly this move can turn Mamoswine into an even bigger Crowd Control monster.

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