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Pokémon UNITE – How to play Lucario

Lucario is one of the All-Rounders in Pokémon UNITE. The fan-favourite has quite the high damage combo that makes him a strong carry threat. Here is how to play him.

Lucario as an All-Rounder has a balanced stat distribution that offers a surprisingly high amount of damage. With strong mobility you can play him on the lanes or move between them from the central area.

Although Lucario evolves out of Riolu, UNITE allows you to start evolved immediately. The Fighting-type Pokémon is a melee fighter that thrives on fast leveling to unlock his potential. Start off by leveling Quick Attack to increase your neutral Pokémon clear speed. Your goal in the early game is to reach level 5 as soon as possible to unlock Power-Up Punch, the ability that is the cornerstone of your skillset.

Power-Up Punch for massive damage

The Power-Up Punch can be charged up to increase its damage. While your mobility suffers during the charge up, but if you hit the ability you deal massive damage, especially if your opponents are low HP. Scoring a hit also increases the damage of your next basic attack and reduces the cooldown of Power-Up Punch.

Together with Bone Rush, which you can unlock at level 7, you can easily gap close towards your enemies to put the pressure on them. Another important level to hit is level 13. Bone Rush will then also reset the cooldown on your Power-Up Punch, giving you an extremely hard-hitting lethal combo.

Your Unite Move Aura Cannon also increases the damage on your Power-Up Punch after using it, so if you can hit your ultimate and then follow up with your other abilities it is almost certainly a sure kill.

Offensive items for Lucario

For your Held Items you should go all out on offense. Muscle Band, Scope Lens and Float Stone give you the necessary extra damage as well as mobility to take down your opposition.

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For the active item the Eject Button is the best choice. It gives you another way to move across the map and also dodge enemy abilities or ganks. You can also use it offensively to jump right into the backline of your opponents to take out a key Pokémon right at the start.

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