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Pokémon UNITE – How to Play Alolan Ninetales

Frosty winds in-bound. Alolan Ninetales is a strong Attacker in Pokémon UNITE with plenty of abilities to control opponents offensively and defensively as well.

Alolan Ninetales is a ranged Attacker that can freeze opponents on the lanes. With strong crowd control abilities and a decent amount of support, Ninetales is one of th best laning partners in the game.

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Due to its passive ability Snow Warning Alolan Ninetales automatically drops snow puddles on opponents which not only deal damage but also slow the opponents. If you trigger the buffed attack on opponents you can even freeze them in place for a short time.

Boosting your Special Attack with items

In terms of equipment Alolan Ninetales is all about the Special Attack stat. Shell Bell, Wise Glasses can all help you dish out lots of damage. But the Pokémon is versatile enough that you can also go a different avenue with Muscle Band and Float Stone. This build will rely heavily on Aurora Veil to buff up your attacks.

Alolan Ninetales mainly prefers items buffing its special attack stat. But you can also rely more on your basic attacks and focus on attack and mobility.

For mobility you should also consider Float Stone. For the active Battle Item you should pick between Eject Button or X Attack. Eject Button is more flexible as its mobility can be used offensively or defensively. If you are instead aiming to overwhelm opponents you can take X Attack to burst down your opposition.

Level 4 is your first power spike as you will then evolve into Ninetales.

Start off the game with Powder Snow as it can also slow down opponents. But in general both attacks can be used early one without too much of a difference. You should go towards the top lane and make sure to not miss out on any of the crucial experience points from wild Pokémon.

Evolution and Skillbuilds

First priority is hitting level four as soon as possible as you will then evolve into Ninetales. It also allows you to pick between Dazzling Gleam a conal AoE-stun or Avalanche, which will create a wall and deal large damage. In most cases Dazzling Gleam is the better choice as crowd control is an important aspect of Pokémon UNITE.

On level six you can choose between Blizzard a powerful ranged attack or Aurora veil, a circular buff centered on Ninetales. It not only reduces incoming damage but also increases your speed and basic attacks for you and your teammates standing in it.

Aurora Veil offers powerful buffs to yourself and your teammates.

Aurora Veil is in most cases the preferred option as it is a powerful tool to gain control of Goal Zones. Only pick Blizzard if your team has severe damage issues. Your ultimate Snow Globe is the perfect teamfight winner. It deals massive damage in a wide radius around you, with additional damage to frozen enemies.

Alolan Ninetales shines in combination with other lane partners the best. Do not try to play it in the central area as Ninetales is much more suited to tag-teaming an opposing lane. You not only offer plenty of control over the lane but also can buff up your teammates to make sure you come out ahead on the lane.

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